Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post #5

For this process post I will be reflecting on my Peer Review and what I learned from it.

The first thing I am working on updating is adding an image to each process post. I have images for my blogs posts, but my process posts are empty which doesn’t look as good. I am using this post to test using an image.

Another piece of feedback I received was to separate the blog section into different categories. I am going to try splitting them up into “book reviews” and “articles” to differentiate my posts, as not all of them are book reviews.

The last thing I am going to fix is my about me page. It was suggested that I add more content to it, which I agree I definitely should. I hate writing about me pages, but I am going to attempt to make it more interesting to people coming to my site.

Overall, I am happy with the design of my page and the feedback I received on it. I like how it is laid out and I am hoping that others feel the same. One thing I have also tried to implement is a cohesive colour scheme which I think I have been able to do.

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