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Book Review: You Say It First

You Say It First is a book written by Katie Cotugno that focuses on Meg, an avid volunteer for a voter registration call centre. When she calls Colby, someone who has no interest in politics, they continue their phone calls with each other, leading to a long distance friendship turned romance.

This is the first book of my reviews that I don’t recommend. The premise interested me, especially knowing it considered politics which is a very big part of our lives over the last few months. But I ended up finding the characters fairly unlikeable, and I did not root for them to get together. The plot lines were fine, but the relationship between the characters was not good. They had bad communication, didn’t relate well to one another, and never fixed any of their issues through the book. I thought there was very little character growth for the two main characters.

The secondary characters were worse. These characters were so flat that I did not care about them at all. They were not likeable at all, and never redeemed themselves by the end of the book.

There was good back story to the two main characters. You learn about Colby’s father’s suicide and how he struggled with that, and Meg’s alcoholic mother and her father marrying someone else. I appreciated this part of the book as feeling more real and allowing me to sympathize with the characters more.

Overall, I think this book had the potential to be better but it just didn’t live up to what it could have been.

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