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Book Review: The Cousins

The Cousins is a mystery novel written by Karen M. McManus, and the story focuses on three cousins who go to their grandmother’s island to meet her for the first time. Their grandmother had disinherited their parents about 25 years later, so when the grandchildren are contacted for the first time they head to the island to try and get some answers. 

This is the fourth book I’ve read by Karen M. McManus, and I love it just as much as her previous books. This one is a little slower-paced than her previous novels, but it is still very interesting throughout and picks up at the end. It’s a little more laid back than her other books, it’s a good mix between a mystery and a relaxing read, perfect for a light read to binge through. 

One of my favourite things about Karen M. McManus’s novels is that she writes from the perspective of different characters, and she is very good at writing each character with a different voice. I never forget which character I am reading in a current chapter, which is something very important for an author tackling this narrative style. 

Overall it was a very fun read, and I would recommend it along with her other novels, One of Us is Lying, One of Us is Next, and Two Can Keep a Secret.

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