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Book Review: Love & Olives

Love & Olives is the third book in a series by Jenna Evans Welch. However, you do not need to have read the previous books, Love & Gelato and Love & Luck, in order to understand this book. There is no overlap of story lines or characters, rather it is just the theme that carries through these books. Love & Olives features the protagonist, Olive, who goes to Greece to reconnect with her long lost father. The other books in this series also feature protagonists spending time in Europe and connecting with family.

The previous two books in this series were a lot lighter, and while this one was similar, it also had more emotions in it than the previous books. With this said, this would still make for a fantastic light read, especially during a summer vacation. That is one of my favourite things about Jenna’s books, is that they are entertaining but also fun to just read in a day.

It’s hard to compare with the first book in the series which was originally my favourite, but I think this might tie or even surpass that book for my favourite spot. It was such a fun read that made me care so much about the characters, and it is set in Santorini which makes it seem even more magical. I would definitely recommend this book, along with the other two.

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