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Book Review: A Shot at Normal

A Shot at Normal is a new novel by Marisa Reichardt. The story focuses on Juniper, a teenager who was raised by hippie parents who did not vaccinate her or her siblings. She catches the measles, which ends up having disastrous consequences for her community. Juniper decides to pursue legal action in order to get vaccinated. This is a story about a teenager’s bodily autonomy, her relationship with her family, and her chance to be “normal”.

I think this is a very timely book to read with all the talks of vaccinations happening now. This could be a great introduction the vaccine debate for a younger audience, and could be inspiring to a teenager who is maybe having similar issues.

This book is centred towards a teen audience, so it had less legal drama as I would have liked and explored more of her friendships and relationships. I wish this book had been longer as it felt like the ending was rushed.

Overall, I think this is a very easy read, and very interesting if you want something different than just a normal YA romance novel.

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